karen pillay


Spa Owner

Internationally Accredited Massage & Beauty Therapist

Durban, South Africa


 Karen is an internationally qualified therapist and trainer, who believes that outer and inner beauty need to work in harmony to bring a person true happiness. In her quest to offer clients a plethora of treatments that will ultimately offer a complete holistic approach to well-being, she has studied many forms of treatments. From facials to Reiki to Thai yoga massage therapy.


She studied holistic therapies at Institute des Jambes where she graduated at the top of her class. After graduating she decided to take to international waters with Steiner Leisure a world renowned spa company for cruise ships. 


She has traveled to America, Europe, Caribbean Islands, and Asia. Karen worked upon ships for 3 years building a strong reputation for herself within the Steiner fleet. Due to her finesse for holistic therapies, her efficient customer service and her extensive knowledge of various complementary therapies, she was considered for a position in management. However she had dreams of someday running her own spa in South Africa so she returned to her home country.


It was upon her return to South Africa that she discovered her passion for a holistic approach to treating clients. She studied advanced Usui Reiki and counseling skills through Energencia Academy. She then traveled to Cape Town where she met Francesca Canzano-Franklin who trained her in Thai Yoga Massage therapy and various oriental therapies. She has assisted Francesca for many years before qualifying as an accredited Shen Mantra Trainer.


Karen has numerous achievements and vast experience beneath her stylish belt. She runs her Spa and training courses from Kloof, Durban. 


She is a strong willed motivated person who is truly passionate about holistic, beauty enhancing treatments and is always trying her best to keep up to date with the latest advancements in her fields to ensure her client’s receive the best treatment possible.